Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter egg hunt.

SS participated in the Easter egg hunt at the YMCA. P was unable to attend because once again his employer's stinginess and lack of planning trickles down to us. One of P's most important instruments is once again inoperable (only third to fourth time this month). Since the tech lives out of the area, when he is here P is a captive audience. But as luck will have it, rumor has it that the Easter bunny will be hopping into SS's school tomorrow, and there will be an egg hunt as well. Not only does SS gets to make up for missing last year (I was hospitalized), but P and I keep some semblance of sanity by not double dipping into the madness that is an egg hunt.

Initially SS was overwhelmed and I was seriously missing P. The first stop was inside, where the kids signed in, and then moved on to decorate bunny ears and construction paper eggs. SS requested to be held, buried her head on my neck and stated "Mama, not like it here. Let's go see Baba." Sweetie, even if we left there would be no visit to Baba. When it was her turn to have her face painted SS began to cry. I told her that JJ would love to see her pretty bunny face. That was enough to get her to calm down. They did the bunny pokey and SS refused to dance. WTH? Thankfully once outside SS got a second wind and had a great time, but kept looking for JJ and Baba, as if they were going to materialize in the middle of the field.

The dress and blouse SS was wearing are the same she wore to her first Easter egg hunt. OMG, we can't believe how tiny she was back then and that she actually had some baby chub. The dress still fits because two years ago we had adjusted the dress straps to the max. SS could get more use out of the dress, but after this wearing it is going into her memory box. I had the denim jacket in the van a few days ago but could not find it today. SS did not wear the whole outfit because I did not want us to be late. SS's first egg hunt also led to her newspaper debut.

OK, I won't smile for you guys, but just for JJ.

Here Mama, you color my bunny ears.

Quick hug.

Quick Buzz pose.

And off she went...

Although SS has three Easter buckets she insisted on using her Buzz bucket. Big surprise there, right?

What do we have here?

Ahhhhhh chocolate! SS LOVES chocolate.

Something good has resulted from the outrageous amount of tuition we are paying, SS is quick to help with clean up. That is when it is NOT at home. But at least she made the staff person smile. Check out SS's bunny tail. The white on this pic and the one with the bunny are SS's second bunny ears. Me and my darn bad picture taking.

Showing off the egg she decorated. Love the butterfly, penguin and whale motif.

Caution: Bunny hard at work.

What? No, of course I am not planning to eat all the candy and chocolates. I am merely inspecting them.

Post #14 of Spring Fling, and thank goodness for Easter, as it provides something to blog.

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