Friday, April 15, 2011

Just like Baba

A few days ago SS was seating next to me while I uploaded some pictures to Co$tco to order enlargements. We have a few albums at their website and SS immediately noticed and focused on the picture below.

This was our first glimpse of SS almost three years ago. We could not get to the other two pictures for a while, because we cried so much we could not see. SS is used to the story of the first time we ever saw her face, and talks about how happy we were to see her mugshot. From there she goes on to give a short version of our journey to meet her in China. I was not surprised when she focused on this picture. Except that the commentary was a bit different this time.

SS: "Look Mama, it's Baby S!" She distinguishes between her baby days and her SS days.
Me: "Yes that is Baby S's picture."
SS: " I in China, but you and Baba not in China."
Me: "You are right sweetie, you were still waiting for us in China when the picture was taken."
SS: "I so cute Baby S Mama. LOOK Mama, I have a haircut just like Baba's!"

The last statement was followed by a fit of giggles from SS and more talk about being just like Baba. Huh?

P had just sheared his curly top a few nights before SS saw the picture. I know the girl adores her father, but I was a tad worried about SS asking for a haircut to match her Baba's. Our girl has amazing hair, and since P and I both have ugly fros we want to keep her hair long for as long as we can. For now we are OK with SS thinking of having a haircut rather than the reality that her head was most likely shaved for the convenience of the SWI staff. Since she thinks she was so darn cute with a bald head, all scissors and the hair clippers are in lockdown.

Post #9 of Spring Fling. Think I'll make it?


Brenda said...

The look on SS's face is priceless with her fingers resting on Baba's head. It's as if she were saying, "Doesn't he look like a doofus??" (Kidding of course - but I CAN imagine her saying that).

2china4S said...

Her teachers would agree with you as they frequently find SS mocking her classmates. :)