Thursday, April 30, 2009

SS moments.

I will post about the incident that made us worry more about SS tomorrow. Like I stated, my tired and very tiny brain needs a break. We will post, we have a debt of gratitude to an amazing mother-daughter team in Florida. They are struggling now, but they have given hope and strength to so many of us. For today, P wants to note some SS moments.

* Our first night visiting with JJ last month. We had been admonishing SS not to touch the heater vent. While JJ was in our room, SS tried and I warned her, for the umpteenth time. I told SS, "You KNOW what do not touch means." SS turned to me, and shrugged her shoulders, in an exaggerated manner. Dude, her shoulders were up to her ears, and she had the most innocent look on her face. I had the decency to turn around before I cracked up. P and JJ shamelessly laughed their ignorant a$$es off.

* Shortly after we arrived home, SS busied her cute self by stomping on one of her DVDs. I told her that if she stomped on it, she would break it, and there would be no more fun. Don't ask me why I bother talking to small children like that. SS looked at me, and stated "Oh yeah?." P witnessed the exchange, and provided me moral support by laughing out loud. Thanks Baby, you are the most amazing moral support a mother could ever need.

* Last week, P allowed SS to use a razor without a blade in the shower. SS proceeded to imitate her Mama and "shaved" her legs. Fair, she's done that many times before. This time, there was no struggling getting her leg up on the tub's edge, and her movements were very fluid. SS then proceeded to "shave" her face. Equally fair, as P shaves in the shower. Eventually, she will realize that she needs to shave her underarms and legs and not her face. SS proceeded to "shave" her back. It did not surprise me, but P was all "what the heck?" I reminded him that SS witnessed me trimming his back before we went to the pool. Oh yeah, she is watching us, like people are watching CNN.

* Regarding our last post... Yes, it is tough, and yes, it is scary stuff. But given the opportunity again, with the same circumstances, we would NOT hesitate to go to China. We made the choice that was right for our family. Please, we mean no offense to anyone, it just was the right thing for OUR family. We would gladly take our chances with a child from China, than with a child from the U.S. foster care system or a domestic adoption. Sorry, but that is OUR reality,

SS loves to sing and unlike her parents, she sings in tune. Please forgive me for my non existent singing skills. SS usually vocalizes the entire time, but once she sees the camera, she gets into ham mode. Still, we think it's cute.

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