Saturday, October 03, 2009

Baking S.

Since SS was so miserable last night, this morning we braced ourselves for a loooooooong day. But SS being her SS self threw us a curve ball. She awoke refreshed and full of energy. We were happy that we did not have to post about her first Urgent Care visit (you know we would). But unlike SS, P and I do not rebound that well and we have been dragging our behinds all day. SS had some excess energy to burn and did a fine job of making our heads spin. To get SS to slow down, I allowed her to make her own treat today, brownies. Of course they came from a box, I suck at cooking and baking. It's a miracle I manage to feed my family. Besides, it's all about SS doing something she enjoys, getting messy and having a good time. I think we accomplished all of the aforementioned.

How I love those cute, tiny, chubby hands.

SS takes her stirring seriously.

Giving herself a thumbs up.

SS rewarding herself for a job well done. We know there are raw eggs in the mix,but it is not going to kill her.

Chocolate face.

SS dumped the spoon, grabbed her milk sippy and used her hands.

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