Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Fun!

I enticed SS to get out of the house (still raining) by decking her in a Halloween outfit. I also waited for a short sun out, no rain reprieve. SS fights when I do her hair, but when she saw the hair clips she squealed "Halloween kitty cat, MEOW." Her favorite phrase now is "Halloween fun," (for Halloween is fun). She said it to every person she encountered while we ran errands today. I can just see her and P, traveling the world, and preaching the Halloween gospel. Cute and yet kind of creepy.

I did not realize until I read yesterday's post (I know, sad), that SS said her first 4 word sentence ("No go outside Mama"). When I write it is a lot of stream of consciousness, I sit and I write. I rarely think about it, and maybe I should start thinking more. But this is SS's baby book, and while boring, I hope it gives her a good feeling of what it was like when she could not remember.

One more sleep and SS will have JJ all to her tiny self. When we last spoke, JJ informed me that he would use the drive time constructively, by teaching SS a few phrases. JJ also informed me (nope did not ask) that he plans to dress SS as Odd Job in the near future. That's what big brothers are for. And that is what I get for waiting so long after his fourth Christmas to grant his wish of a baby sister.

Two more sleeps and SS will see her grandmothers again. We know that SS will clam up and become a mute, therefore refuting anything we have documented here.

I now know why SS tilts her head. When I take a vertical shot, I tend to tilt my head to see better through the view finder. She does mimic what she sees. Not good for us.

Halloween is fun!

Cute matching hair clips.

SS really likes her pumpkin shoes. I'm not a croc person and never thought I'd get her that style of shoe. But when she saw them last year, I could not say no.

Pre-bedtime snack. SS's pajamas glow in the dark (the green parts).

How cute are her ghost shoes?

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AnnabelsMama said...

Most adorable halloween gal EVER!!!