Saturday, October 17, 2009

More Discovery and dinner at Minato's.

Even in little people chairs SS's feet do not reach the ground. So cute.

Even more balls.

Fun dragon.

This Carousel room is pretty neat, but I could not take it for long. Ever since I had a seizure a few years ago, I have not been able to tolerate strobe lights and places like this well.

B is for Baba.

After the museum, we had lunch with JJ and T, then went to our room only to have SS play her heart out, and not get any sleep. P managed a short nap, but I was run over by Hurricane SS.

By the time we made it to the bar downstairs, JJ and T had managed to slam three well drinks in half an hour. Ah to be young. P drove the guys to the park for their dinner and Haunt, while SS kept me company. I had a Long Island Iced Tea (our occasional guilty pleasure), and SS had a virgin Screw Driver. ;) The girl know how to enjoy a pre-dinner drink.

Low five to JJ. This is outfit number four for today. We hoped it was the last.

Knuckles to T.

The grandmothers treated us to a very yummy dinner at Minato Japanese Restaurant.
. SS's meal was served in the cutest boat. I did not get a single picture, because my hands were full, between feeding myself and feeding SS.

After dinner, we spent a little while chatting in the hotel lobby, but SS was becoming increasingly loud. We asked the grandmothers to join us in our room and they had the opportunity to chat with P, while I gave SS a bath (P usually does this).

SS was out minutes after her grandmothers went to bed. As much as we wanted to join her, it was our turn to wait up for the guys. They had a great time, and once everyone was safe and accounted for, we hit the sack, as we had another early morning ahead of us. SS gets very little family time, so it is OK to have nights like this. But man, we have no idea where she gets her energy surge. It's quite a thing to see.

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