Friday, October 30, 2009

SS's first overnight hospital stay in the U.S.

At least SS's first overnight hospital stay was due to me, not because she was ill. The most pain I'm feeling now is for my baby girl. SS wants to be held by Mama, but can't get close to Mama. She won't even sit on the bed with me. She is absolutely terrified of the IV pole, and the tubes protruding from my body. When she woke up from her nap yesterday, she went ballistic. Talk about the ultimate how-my-mother-ruined-Halloween-forever story.

The nurses have been amazing. It does help that SS is a people magnet, but they caught on pretty quickly that she is a Mama's girl and that she is really hurting right now. Tuesday, the ER nurse immediately took to SS and got her stickers and asked P if she could have crackers and juice (she gave them to P, P fed SS). As I was about to be moved upstairs she reached out to SS, wanting to pick her up. SS took a step back, smiled and said "HIGH FIVE!" Talk about an unexpected gift. But I digress... P and SS walk in and out at will. My roommate was released early this evening, and P brought SS ready for bed. She and P fell asleep on my bed, since I could only find comfort sitting on a chair with my feet up on the bed.

Nurse B, the charge nurse, was assigned to me. She came in to tell me that P and SS could spend the night, and she felt it would benefit all of us. It is the most sleep I have had since Monday. Fitful sleep, but the best part is that I did not have to take a sleeping pill, that I knew would not work. Nurse B was right, we all benefited from spending that time together. Just another ordinary family moment in extraordinary circumstances.

Oh, and that 6" incision? The Dr. underestimated big time, it is only 13" in length. No wonder I was feeling uncomfortable.

P and SS made themselves at home on the bed next to mine.

Up and down Baba, come on, this bed is like an amusement park ride.

Beautiful flowers from Nana and Grand Min. SS was totally convinced that they were hers because as she said, "flowers, Halloween." It so hurts me that SS will miss out on going Trick or Treat.


Friday morning.

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