Wednesday, October 28, 2009

K's feeling MUCH better.

K's pain level is 2 (10 being the worst)! When we arrived this afternoon, SS was asleep. I placed her next to K, I sat next to the bed and we napped for around 40 minutes. K's temperature is back to normal and she says this is the best she's felt since this began. Above, SS is enjoying a jello cup. The nurses have been providing snacks and juice to SS since we walked in the ER. Cuteness has its benefits.



Michelle said...

I'm so glad K is feeling better. Oh how I wished I lived closer so I could help in some way.

Thanks for the text K. Our Internet has been out and I had no idea you were sick. I'm so sorry.

I hope are feeling back to normal soon.

Brenda said...

P: SOOO glad K's feeling better. If K allows, please write a short narrative of when this began. It sounds like she got sick in the middle of the night???