Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We are still here, with new fears to conquer.

Took a break for a few days. I have e-mails to return and will do so as soon as I can peel SS away from me. We went from 110 degree days to a nice storm. Rain, really gusty winds, and all the noise and window rattling that comes with that. SS is scared of both the rain and the wind. No matter how many times I explained that rain is good for the things she loves, the trees, the leaves, the front lawn, the lake and the pool (OK, that's a stretch, I was desperate). She did not buy the wind is only noise story. I managed to rip her away from me at 4:30 this afternoon. I used every trick imaginable and still had a scared little girl, trying to squeeze the last breath out of me.

Going to gymnastics was out of the question. SS would not let me change her diaper for hours, fearing that if I did, it meant going outside ("No go outside Mama"). We are expecting rain for the next two days, so this is going to be a barrel of fun. Good thing we did not visit Puerto Rico during hurricane season (P's dream). He is going to have to wait a long time before SS goes chasing storms and taking pictures of the aftermath with him. Not kidding, the man loves that stuff. I foresee SS cuddling up with us in bed tonight.

We are not considering this a setback, just part of being a child. Heck, I'm still afraid of the dark. The meltdowns are less frequent and of less duration. Since SS is helping in the kitchen, P solely does bath and teeth brushing. I'm human, and need some down time. We have yet to decide what to do Saturday when we meet with SS's grandmothers. We nixed Gilroy Gardens, but need something other than having SS sitting around listening to adults chat. Plus there's the still no physical contact outside the nuclear family to consider. I was reading a thread recently about a Mom who is dealing with attachment and she was so frustrated by how difficult it was, after raising three bio kids. It does goes against everything we are accustomed to do, and it is a tough road. My heart goes out to anyone tackling that task.

We did get SS to climb off Mama long enough to take another foray into baking. It did coincide with a nice break from the evil wind and torrential rain. It was good to see her enjoy herself. SS just loves ingredient gathering, measuring and mixing. She used a wire whisk for the first time and was in toddler heaven. We were cracking up at her hilarious squeals. This is a learning experience for me as well, because well, I do not bake. I also prefer to be in the kitchen alone, P is the only person I have been able to stand in the kitchen with me (and in small doses). Maybe once the novelty wears off I can introduce my daughter to the concept of a bakery. Those heavenly places where you walk in, pick a cookie, and enjoy it sans the work and the mess. It's my (tomboy) motherly duty. We are impressed by her attention span and how she follows instructions and respects boundaries. So not our SS.

Just before bedtime, SS got out a too small for her hat and insisted on wearing it. She then found her Halloween binky, the same binky we unsuccessfully tried to get her to use in China and upon arriving home. SS then went in search of her doll's (Abu's fault) baby bottle, DOG and Blanket. She walked up to me and said "hold me." I told SS that Baba needed some holding time with SS, and she said "No, Nope." I held her like a baby and we cuddled for a while. Looks like the bad wind and rain made her feel insecure and she needed that extra Mama reassurance. After a good cuddle and talk about how I'll always be here to keep her safe and secure, SS happily trotted over to her Baba.

Two more sleeps and JJ will be home, with his friend T. SS is going to be SO thrilled to see her JJ and having him seat next to her all the way to Santa Clara. We are headed to the Halloween Haunt. So excited.

Alright people, this time I'm using real ingredients, my first from scratch effort. Whatever that means...

Cutest flour face.

I've never seen anyone so entertained by a whisk. SS was squealing with delight, a total crack up.

SS loved the gooey texture.

Do you know how long it takes a two-year old to get 12 tablespoons of cookie dough on a cookie sheet? A freaking long time, but she was so proud of her handiwork (with a lot of help from Mama). At least she tidies as she goes along. :)

Mitten fun.

The shorts she is wearing are a size 3-6 months, and she wore them for the first time August 21, 2008 . When she got them out I did not think they would fit. That is the great thing about having a tiny hiney. We are retiring them after this wearing.

Guys, these oatmeal raisin cookies are really yummy, I'm good a this.

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Nana said...

Hi P,K, and SS,

Just a suggestion from Nana. How about we do THE CITY on Sat.? It's been quite a few years since I've been there.