Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Our Pumpkin. The outfit she is wearing is 6-9 months and I have no idea how I missed it last year. I have pledged to go through her closet soon. SS is wearing candy corn socks that light up on the side. I got her a few pairs at Wally Mart last year, for all of 50 cents. Her sippy cup leaked her cherry limeade all over her right sleeve. So none of this pictures are contenders for next year's calendar. That is, if I get around to selecting just 13 pictures (need one for the cover). SS is no longer afraid of pumpkins (they freaked her out last year). But she still does not like sitting on them alone. P got lucky with this shot. Check out her new classic Vans. The Chucks can be a pain in the rear end to get on her when she is not cooperating.

P ad I are not flower people, do not mind them, but do not go out of our way to see them. Funny how SS finds her way in front of flowers often. The girl does make them look better.

Kiddie hay maze.

Top of the hay pyramid.

SS loved the cow train.

She liked it so much that she rode twice. SS enjoyed the bumps intentionally placed around the path. She raised her little arms and and yelled "BUMP!" Can't wait for our little scary cat to follow our footsteps, and enjoy being upside down at some ridiculously high speed and G forces, with the ever present danger of plunging to our deaths. Totally different from my apprehension about flying, I mean crashing.

Now trains are part of SS's obsession.

SS enjoyed meeting the ponies but would not sit on one. Snowball was her favorite and although she can pronounce his name perfectly, she renamed him Meatball.

OK, now for the "big girl" train.

I'm glad that I pulled SS's hair back, and that she does not have my fro hair. It was windy as heck last year, but I did not take that into account. I had to use my sunglasses to keep my Jiffy Pop hair out of my face.

Despite her face, SS really enjoyed the ride, especially the "choo choo" which she cutely imitated.

First grown up corn maze. We lost count of how many times SS squealed "HALLOWEEN!" We have it coming when she realizes that it is not a permanent thing. We are going to hit the clearance sales and get her enough H paraphernalia to last her until next year. Heck, we are considering making the downstairs half-bathroom into the "Halloween bathroom."

After getting royally lost, SS came to our rescue and pointed the way out. Last year we brought our GPS along. In our defense, it was at night. :)

What would we ever do without SS?

On a whim I decided to try out a very quick (cheap) face paint for SS. I have never had my face painted, nor wear makeup. The first time I painted JJ's face was for a costume and at his request. I never looked forward to doing that specifically with SS. But I have been thinking about it since we came home. SS is squirmy, and it was out of the question. This is where my embarrassing moment happened, and in front of a freaking stranger. As I holding a very still SS, I cried happy tears. No, I'm not posting those, it's one thing to admit being a wuss, but posting evidence? Nope. Also notice how I'm sneaking it in way down here, so no one will notice. Heh.

It's just little moments like that one that just mess with my very cold heart. I was so embarrassed and apologized to the artist. She was teary eyed and said, "It's a beautiful thing to wait for a daughter and have the opportunity to hold your daughter on your lap, having her face painted and sharing that moment." Gosh, I really hope I never encounter that woman again.

We chose a butterfly, instead of something Halloweenish (and more complicated), because we had no idea how long SS would sit still.

Corn, and Tonkas, and no one else in the Corn Box.

Tonkas are on SS's Christmas list. She was in tomboy heaven.

Wow, ducks and water! Let the one toddler race begin.

This is why P is a better parent that me. He will squeeze his frame into any cramped space SS asks him to venture, just to see her smile. I see in our future a news item about the jaws of death being used to pry an adult out of a space clearly intended for a toddler.

What do you mean it's over? I'm not done here! She quickly calmed down after she saw the night time decorations.

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