Monday, October 26, 2009

"I help."

SS is at the same stage JJ was at her age. She loves planes, trains and cars. A few weeks ago, she spotted the table and train set below.

It was love at first sight. The kind of goo goo eyed love that romance novels and chick movies depict. It was so cute to watch her drool over this toy. SS will point at almost any toy, but rarely does she go all out. This definitely caught her fancy. I'm a sucker, but the $140 price tag brought me back to reality. The cool part is that it also has an airplane, a helicopter and cars. The whole package as far as SS is concerned. Another thing that I like about this toy is that is wooden and completely devoid of electronics. SS would have to make noises, move the toys around the track herself, you know, use her imagination.

The first time SS saw the number one item on her Christmas list (she's going to have to talk to her grandparents about her expensive tastes), there was a doll house displayed above it. As I'm enjoying my daughter's reaction to this toy, a woman (around 60) came up to SS and said, "You should be looking at the doll house," and pointed to it. My girl made me proud and did not even acknowledge the nosy woman. She was too busy falling in love. People really need to mind their own business, and I do not take it well when people try to force feed gender stereotypes to my children. I told the woman, "We have chosen to refrain from gender stereotyping, and she is welcome to look, and want any toy she wishes." The nosy woman huffed and left.

Yesterday, SS saw her toy again, and proceeded to gush over it. Our girl is picking up skills, she pointed at it, pointed at the shopping cart and said, "Toy, train, SS." In case I did not get the point, she pointed at her chest and said, "I SS." When I moved away, she held her little hands together and upped the ante, "Pweease, Mama, pweease!" Dude, where does she get that stuff? As adorable as she was, she lives in the A-A household not the J-P villa.

The next item in her agenda is more doable. She immediately asked to get down to try the Radi0 Flyer scooter. One thing I liked about it is that is pedaled (kid) powered. I have never been a fan of motorized mini vehicles. The whole idea of play, well, is being active, whether it is with their bodies or their minds. SS does need a ride on toy, and P liked it.

Sorry about the blurry phone pictures. This is where my husband turned on me. I sent him the video below, and he e-mailed me, stating that "Pink is fine, it goes with her." Traitor. As you can see, SS wears plenty of pink. But I think a Radi0 Flyer toy should be red and white (they have it in red). It's the way they have always been until this recent let's make toys pink to get even more money became so widespread.

We were quite busy yesterday, and SS had a meltdown due to miscommunication and P came home really early for lunch. Poor guy was so hungry. He ate half a sandwich and returned to work, because we needed to meet at C0$tco to get together a small package that needed to be FedExed. He left and we were to meet an hour later. SS went ballistic, one because Baba left quickly and second, because he did not wear his usual work shoes. Little people are such creatures of habit. She picked up his shoes and wailed. She wanted "Baba, car, shoes." I had to take her outside and show her that Baba's car was gone, but reassured her that he was not barefoot. SS threw herself on the driveway before I could catch her, and did a nice face plant. I'm sure there will be bruising.

When it was time to shop, SS was at her breaking point and wanted me to hold her, then wanted to walk. We still had a few more errands to run and I really had to get them done today. I had a huge lapse in judgement and placed her on the floor, to avoid the mother of all meltdowns. We never, ever allow SS to walk around. Because the store is very busy and adults do not seem to care if they run over a little child, I insisted that SS hang on to the side of the cart. She still almost got whacked a few times. I then had her hang on to the cart right in front of me. SS got such a kick out of helping and pushing. She sang, "I help, I push, push, push," and she laughed. Oh my gosh did she laugh. That look at me, I'm all that and a bag of chips laugh.

The down side was that I was pressed for time, and maneuvering a shopping cart when your two year old is in front of you, pushing with all she has is rather difficult. SS surprised me with her strength and when she pushed, I had to pull back and steer, to keep her from bumping into objects and people. It took for freaking ever to get out of the store. When we were by the bread, our final item and close to the registers, I realized I neglected to get toilet paper. Of course the TP is located at the end of the store. Cr@p! SS helped me place that big TP package under the cart, making a seconds only task into a freaking odyssey.

Because I am the luckiest gal in the world, we had to stop at the market. SS insisted on helping with everything. She placed vegetables and fruit in bags, then I picked her up and she placed them in the cart. She also took the time to proudly cheer herself on. And she pushed the darn cart. She helped, helped and then helped some more. I must have looked weary at that point, because a woman smiled at me and said, "She is SO proud that she is helping. Hang in there, it's going to pay off." I do realize that children need to develop a sense of industry, and this is vital for their development. I just wish it was not at a senior citizen pace. :)

On the drive home I thought about Mami and Papi and how they always allowed me to help. They were old, and there I was, taking whatever bit of energy they had left. But they never complained, just praised me for all my "help." If they were able to do that at 70 and 80, I think I'll survive the helping stage. I must admit, shopping has never taken so long and has never tired me so much.

Mama's little helper.

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