Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not the Halloween we envisioned.

Life had radically different plans for SS's second Halloween. I asked P to at least take her to the Mall, because now that she is a year older, SS would enjoy the experience. P was adamant that they would not go without me. Turns out she was a one child parade at the hospital.

P called me from the lobby and I anxiously waited for my little pirate to emerge from the elevator. I knew the nurses (in my wing) were going to be all over SS, and I wanted a few minutes admiring my daughter in private. I had not counted on the nurse's station by the elevator. As soon as SS stepped out, she gathered their attention.

Here is one of many instances where my bio mother and I are total opposites. As I'm greeting SS and looking at her cute costume, my mother kept urging "Look, turn around, look behind you." I asked why and she excitedly said, "Look at all the people looking at SS, acknowledge them." WTF? I could not care less who was behind us, and why the hell did I need to "acknowledge" them? It just ruined the moment for me. It is also something we saw again at the cafeteria. SS was singing and being her happy go lucky self. Then Abu points at the people looking and tells SS that they are looking and smiling at her. How twisted is that? Why make a child self conscious or worse, conceited. I just don't get it, but made it clear that is not the way we do things with SS.

We allowed SS to walk around the hall for a while and the nurses called other nurses to come and see the cutest littlest pirate. In SS's world pirates growl and she did plenty of that. We then walked downstairs to the deserted lobby and allowed SS to roam free and burn excess energy.

P was right about avoiding the Mall. The over stimulation would have upset SS, and my absence would have worsened her response. Like we are not backwards enough, now SS can reminisce about the Halloween she spent at the hospital. I hope she does not take after me, because P reminded me that I spent Halloween 2007 in Urgent Care, taking care of a sprained ankle. My timing really sucks.

A pirate in my room! One of the nurses quickly gave SS a full size candy bar. Just what she needs, a sugar rush.

Mini Captain Morgan.

Like I was saying...

Grandpa thank you for the beautiful flowers.

Modern way to schedule pillaging and plundering.

P and SS have slept more in this room than I.

My first Halloween flowers. P knows how to woo a girl (after calling her stubborn like the soap scum on our shower doors).

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Brenda said...

Aye, Matey! Cutest little pirate I've ever seen - that is for sure!