Saturday, October 17, 2009

Discovery Museum

The grandmothers had suggested the Discovery Museum as an alternative to Gilroy Gardens. The DM in the town we used to live in is tiny, if you blink, you miss it. A kid can be done with the place in thirty minutes or less. But this is San Jose, not the sweaty armpits of nowhere. It turns out that it is perhaps the largest of the DMs. Great, freaking great. Here we are trying to limit over stimulation and we walked into the Mothership of Over Stimulation and everything that can be harmful to SS. I was kicking myself silly for not checking out the place Online. It's not like we could say, "Thanks for driving seven hours and taking the time to be here, we are going back to the hotel, have fun." We decided to go ahead, and deal with whatever consequences would result from our lack of common sense.

We think SS came out of the experience relatively unscathed, but we do have to be mindful about what we expose her to, during this difficult time. I do not think that SS had a single meltdown or outward bratty behavior. It's toddler heaven in there, with so much to see AND touch. SS could not believe that she was being asked to touch, and touch, and touch some more. The water area was definitely her favorite. Also, the place was packed with Asian children. It was interesting watching SS study their faces. A few times I saw her touching her eyes, for some reason she does this when I read I Love You Like Crazy Cakes. It's dawning on her that there are differences between her appearance and ours. We do wonder what she makes of JJ's eyes being similar to hers. It was a great experience for us because of the diversity. We did not get one single question about SS's origins, a first for us in this type of setting. It was good to enjoy being with our child without being ogled.

SS managed to tired her grandmothers into an afternoon nap, and we were praying that SS would follow their lead. We parted ways at the museum, then picked up JJ and T at the Tech Museum. JJ proudly informed us how he almost broke one of the exhibits, an arm wrestling machine. Thankfully a staff person was able to get it back to its original shape. Good thing we were not with them. :) JJ is lucky that way. Some time back he was bowling and someone's ball got stuck in the gutter. JJ had the brilliant thought of using all his strength to send his bowling ball to dislodge the errant one. JJ's ball split the other in half, right down the middle. JJ is still miffed because the counter guy would not allow him to take a picture of the split ball. SIGH

That's one really big duck.

Touching is allowed? I think I'm going to move in here.

Cutest fire girl ever.

Soapy water, mess here I come!

P got to work on a giant bubble for SS right away.

Make a really big one Baba!

P did not disappoint.

P's handsome likeness.

Because we are all about being positive role models for our children (NOT).

Pretty handprint, and thankfully SS did not try to bury her face in.

Learning the meaning of hard work.

See that blur on the left? That's our SS.

SS takes on the Great Wall of China.

SS went straight to the rice cooker, "rice!" and got down to business. She has it down at home and it's so cute to see how proud she is of "cooking."

Drumming with Mama, who reconnected with her African roots.

Getting SS ready for the water play area.

Although she wore a mock, SS was soaked by the end of her play time. As P went to change SS into her third outfit of the day, I realized that I had a bathing suit for SS in my bag. DUH! It's only water.

SS ate most of her grease loaded corn dog. She also drank apple juice for the first time without spitting it out. I guess she was so tired and hungry and she did not care. Or maybe t was the allure of the creepy sippy cup with fun bendable straw.

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