Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Man, SS feels like a woman.

SS is in an all out effort to prevent us from filming her newly acquired language. The girl will spout a three word sentence, we start filming, and she miraculously becomes monosyllabic. Kind of frustrating, but what the heck. We are having a good time listening to her babble away. When she sings, she turns to total gibberish, unless we cue her by singing. Again, until we point a camera in her direction, as you can see in the video below. Still, she's stinkin' cute.

We were playing with blocks this afternoon, SS picked up two, held one and said "mine," gave me the other and said "yours." That is huge for a two year old, and even more so for our egocentric child. I must have been staring because SS said, "OK, let's play." I think I'm going to refuse to play until she talks on camera. I never said I was mature.

Late in the afternoon, we made the boring drive to the dealer to retrieve the SS mobile. I am ashamed to admit that I did not drive the midget car once. It's been two years since I have been in a vehicle so low. Plus, we are not too keen on having SS forward facing unless absolutely necessary. It might be a function of her Alpha Omega carseat, but since we do not have $300 for another Br*tax, we''ll have to use it as little as possible.

SS likes the carseat armrests, but still once again caressed the liner of her Br*tax. Such a funky child.

The BA jet is still an object of amusement. Notice how the jet must be upside down. SS is going to be royally teed off when we travel again, wondering why the darn plane does not fly upside down.

SS conquers her last frontier, the kitchen. It was the only room that was kid/toy free. JJ gave me that step stool years ago, to keep me from asking him to reach things for me. Much to his and P's annoyance, it went unused, because why bother, when I have two over six footers in my house. Now it is SS's perch when she helps me cook, and her table for a quick snack. SS has managed to fully colonize our home. Not bad for a 30 month old shorty.

SS rocking to I Feel Like a Woman.

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