Saturday, October 17, 2009


Looks like we should have spent a few minutes showing JJ how to diaper. ;0 Still, he got the job done.

P. Nana, Grand Min and SS.

SS received books, outfits and Halloween paraphernalia.

Now It's P's turn to receive birthday loot (his b-day is Wednesday). This little trip is his b-day gift from the kids and I. Notice that once her loot was opened, SS promptly jumped to JJ's and T's table, leaving her celebrated father behind.

SS watches from a safe distance.

P is going to have a blast decorating the house next week.

More creepy stuff.

Look how happy he is.

T, JJ and SS.

We headed to San Jose, where T & JJ planned to hang around downtown, and visit the Tech Museum. We are going to take SS to the Discovery Museum, to let her touch things to her heart's content.

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