Friday, October 30, 2009

SS is inoculated against her kind.

Yesterday we received a message from our Family Practice stating that they had 100 doses of the swine flu vaccine, and would we be interested in securing one for SS. P called right away and made an appointment for this morning. We chose not to wait for me to be discharged, because protecting SS trumps having me there.

We were concerned because SS freaks out while being weighed and fights vital checks like a gladiator. Imagine adding my absence to the mix. I was relieved that P came through in good Baba fashion. He told SS to look at a picture, and the nurse swiftly sneaked in the shot. P said that once it registered, SS began to whimper, thought better of it, and stopped.

P and SS dropped by after the shot and had lunch with me. Man those ice chips are so tasty. They have a lot of errands to run before driving to the airport. They will be home close to midnight, so I won't be seeing them until tomorrow morning. I miss them already.

In case it is not obvious, SS was born in the year of the pig. Therefore, she was vaccinated against herself.

Completely unaware about what she's about to face.

It was a small lollipop, but SS ravaged it in record time.

I love their smiles.

Roast beef and curly fries. It's been one healthy meal after another for my family.

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Bangs said...

I am glad you are home!! Take care of yourself.