Friday, October 02, 2009

Subliminal S.

SS is not shy about demanding what she wants. If she wants more of something she yells "More!" or uses an expression that we have heard since we met, sounds like "Nay, Nay." We expected to hear loud cries of "TV," but so far it has not happened. P asked me earlier in the week how bad was it, and surprisingly, it has not been bad at all. That is because SS has apparently decided to change tactics on us. A few times during the day she whispers, "tv, tv, tv." She's so soft spoken (rare for her) that it took me a while to realize what she was saying. SS does not look at me when she does this, she's usually by my side, completely engaged (allegedly) in some activity. P did not get to witness this until Wednesday. SS and I were in the kitchen and he was sitting at the counter watching us. SS had an empty bowl and a spatula, pretending to stir something, while babbling away. Then I heard it, between the rapid babble, a soft "tv, tv, tv." I looked over at P and knew he heard it. We were both holding back our laughter. We are on to you Ms. Subliminal Message. Now we know how many things we never intended to buy have ended up in our shopping carts.

On Thursday, SS received some nice outfits from Grandpa. SS was beyond excited and wanted to try them all. I was feeling rather crummy and was not in the mood for multiple wardrobe changes. I indulged SS until the fourth outfit, then said, "SS, I can't spend the rest of the night putting on and taking clothes off you." SS looked at me with the sweetest face ever and said, "Why?" Dude, it's the first time she has asked why. And I was kicking myself for not telling her right off the bat that I was not feeling well.

Our week started with P's back injury and the fall out from my snorting problem (Heh). I also suspected that SS was out of sorts and her nose was a tad runny. But Dr. J did not find a thing wrong with her. Still, SS had not been eating and she usually does not go that long refusing food. A Mother's intuition sometimes sucks, and this afternoon sucked big time. SS has a runny nose and is miserable. It is thankfully clear secretions, but annoying nonetheless. I think she has a sore throat also. Of course since she is not feeling well, SS insists on being on Mama all the time. She is on her second dose of medication and finally asleep in her crib. P had his friend V early, and is happily floating around slumber land. I think SS decided to share her bug with me, so I better join them and get some rest.

The van needed a fuel pump and of course it was not in stock. The earliest I'll see the SS Mobile will be Wednesday. Until then, SS and I will have to suffer in the midget car.

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