Monday, April 20, 2009

Go to an Easter egg hunt on a whim, and end up in the Sunday paper.

When P was two years old, he happened to be at a Chinese restaurant with his mother. A food critic from a local newspaper was also dining there. The FC was impressed that P, at such a young age, was eating the spicy food. P was featured in her review of the restaurant (no picture though). When P visited his grandmother in 2006, she gave him a copy of the article.

OK, Back to the Future. When my friend DD spotted us because of SS, I was surprised. I was more surprised when she said her husband noticed our daughter. Look at her, she is so tiny, and there were so many children there. I don't have a decent video clip of the egg hunt, because she was so hard to spot at times. I honestly thought that only P and I, proud parents, were the only ones aware of her at all.

Then as DD and I were bidding goodbye, the photographer approached JJ. The photographer thought that SS was JJ's daughter. OK, JJ looks like a sumo wrestler and SS looks like a miniature Sumo wrestler, I get it. That the Photo Dude could easily see. When JJ pointed to us, the dude was baffled. PD said, "If they let you have her, it is OK for you to consent (to have her photographed)" They? They? Who are they? Ah, SS's "real parents." I admit that I overreacted, you now, flashbacks to people not believing that JJ is mine. PD finally asks if we would consent to have her featured in the paper. I asked if he had to use her name, and my first reaction was hell no. I have done my best to keep my children's names out of the public domain. Why would I want to change that now?

PD looked really disappointed and told me that he could delete "all the cute pictures I took." Way to manipulate a parent PD. I then looked at P, and saw the disappointment in his face. Although I am known for being dense, I also immediately made the connection. I knew P really wanted this, even though I didn't. Ugh, that man is so lucky that I kind of like him. So instead of using her full name, we only used P's last name, which happens to be very common. I made a mistake by using her nickname, which is very distinctive. This compromising stuff is really a pain in the rear end. Now we can place the articles side by side on SS's scrapbook.

Yesterday, we purchased a season pass to the Exploration Park. They have a lot of activities for children, and a pretty cool playground. I was strolling around with SS, when a family stood next to us. They had a teenage daughter that was clearly developmentally delayed. I'm not sure what happened, but the teen burst into tears and was whining like a young child. As I have mentioned, when SS hears a child cry, she always tries to comfort them. This was different and I did not think much about it. SS stuck her head out of the stroller, pointed at the teen, and in a very loud voice stated, "Ahhhh, BABY!" Of course this had to happen on a very crowded day. Local day care centers had some sort of get together there and the place was packed. I felt awful for the parents, and once again wondered why things like this do not happen when P is there to share my consternation. At least SS is capable of empathy.

Baba is right, sturgeons are really cool.

Shortly after I took this picture, SS walked over to the glass, tried to get the fish's attention, and frantically did the sign for poop. I checked her diaper and she was fine. Not sure what she saw or what she was trying to communicate, but she was dead serious.

I love her stance.

Patiently waiting for Slinky the porcupine to arrive for his daily training.

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