Saturday, February 07, 2009

Baby S had a great night, I'm feeling better and when others hurt me it is all my fault.

Baby S had an awesome night, she slept peacefully, did not whimper or wake up once and woke up at around 8:00 a.m. I woke P up just before 7:00 a.m. to ask him to call my cell because I could not find it. His phone was downstairs (a first since he is practically attached to it) and he was not amused. Maybe that is why he has subconsciously been "forgetting" that I am still hurting. I woke up feeling better, I am no longer in excruciating pain, just plain old pain. Good for me that I do plain old pain well. P and I lounged in bed waiting for Baby S to wake up, when she did we allowed her to rot her brain watching cartoons on N0ggin, and then we watched a really lousy movie, V@ntage P0int. But it was Netfl*x so it is not like we are out the price of two movie tickets.

We had to watch the movie upstairs because that is where our desktop is located. While watching, I was laying on my stomach and P was sitting by my feet. All of a sudden he decides to use me as an ottoman and his leg landed on my left side. I complained and he apologized. OK, happens to the best of us. Then after the movie we were roughhousing with Baby S and he leaned his entire body's weight on my left side. I screamed OUCH and asked him why was he he** bent on hurting me today. He looked at me, then stated, "You know it is NOT intentional, just like when Baby S does it. Actually if you think about it, both Baby S and I have hurt you, so YOU are the common denominator. This is all your fault!" On yeah, he's got big ones and he is lucky to be alive right now. The upside is that he felt so bad that he is at the bank right now so I won't have to do it. BTW, this type of conversation is a daily occurrence at our home. P is a sweet, sensitive guy, but he is also the biggest smart-a$$ I've ever met. And remember, I happen to be the mother of two smart- a$$es. I am so going to be chided by my mother about all the a$$ talk.

Speaking of being a SA, this morning P and I had the best laugh we have had in months due to our SA nature. We have S*temeter to check on who is visiting the blog. While we did post the blog address in one adoption website we do not want to attract too much attention to it. We mainly check on how people find us when they
G00gle keywords. For example, someone keeps G00gling "spectacular first name" and lands on our blog. So for the most is funny stuff that we find. There is also someone in Chonqing, China who has visited quite a few times. If you are reading, leave a comment or e-mail us and tell us who you are, we don't bite. OK, that is an outright lie, we do bite, but only each other.

Anyway, this morning when I checked S*temeter I realized that someone from Saudi Arabia was on at the time. Saudi Arabia? That is a new one and to my knowledge they do not adopt from China. Then I looked and realized they arrived via G00gle after searching Mole's Disease. OMG, P and I were laughing so hard that we were gasping for air. It is a miracle that we did not wake up Baby S. P came up with the MD thing and of course he was referring to the animal. It has been an ongoing joke in our family for over ten years. Geniuses that we are, we did not look it up before posting and that is how a poor soul in Saudi Arabia landed on our blog reading nonsense. Still, it was a great laugh and helped us start the day on a jovial mood.

P should be home soon, the sun is out, we expect a high of 67 degrees, so I better get ready to take Baby S out to work on her winter tan. I'm pretty sure we'll manage to get pictures of Baby S today.

Oops, just as I typed the last word I felt Baby S's dead weight on me, guess the outside world will have to wait until she naps. She usually fusses so much but this time she just leaned on me and went to sleep. Baby steps, baby steps. :)

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