Monday, February 09, 2009

Lunch time.

I never expected P's lunch hour to become such an integral part of my day. For the past eight years P and I have worked in different cities. Prior to moving here we worked about 22 miles from each other. P's job was rather predictable but I was doing field work and it was a rare occasion when we could get together for lunch. Once we moved here we were 40 miles apart so forget about meeting for lunch. But ever since we arrived home P has made his lunch hour all about Baby S. That time is sacred, no messing with the computer, no checking e-mails, no phone calls. We only answer the phone for JJ, and when he calls it makes us feel good that the four of us can talk via speaker phone.

Once a month P has a safety meeting at work and that becomes a working lunch. Occasionally, when a salesperson is trying to get the lab to buy new equipment, P has to stay for lunch. This has happened only a handful of times. I sometimes feel bad because P's coworkers invite him out to lunch and Baby S and I are included, but P always declines. He has become accustomed to that alone time with his baby girl.

That time also allows me to do things I had taken for granted such as closing the door when I go to the bathroom and showering on my own. Baby S hates it when I close the door and she stands outside banging on the door and calling out for Mama. I have to get P to get it on tape soon. She is a riot. I am sure that I would be a more than stressed out stay at home mother if I did not have that window of time when I can give myself a time out and get ready for round two with Baby S.

I have meant to write about this for a while and kept forgetting. I know that I joke around a lot about P and regularly threaten to shorten his life span, but there is no way I could be doing this without his help. The kick in the pants is that when we met, my plan was to adopt as a single mother. I had no desire whatsoever for a husband, boyfriend, partner, whatever. The man certainly has a way of ruining my plans. :) Thank you P, I truly appreciate what you do for us.

Enough of that mushy stuff, I have a reputation as a heathen to protect. Today the forecast called for showers and by 10:00 a.m. it was obvious that it was not going to happen. The sun was calling us, so Baby S and I went outside to play. I took out the tubes and Baby S had a blast. She ended up using her scooter as a boombox and danced her tiny buns off. P found us outside two and a half hours later when he came home for lunch. According to my phone it was 48 degrees but it felt much warmer and P and I were wearing short sleeve shirts. I have no qualms admitting that I am afraid of Baby S's Abuela and that is why Baby S is wearing a long sleeve shirt.

Baby S is now afraid of cars and as I have mentioned we live on quite a busy street. The thing is that the area was busier when she arrived home because it was summer. Plus we have a basketball court across the street that was busy all day long. But now she chooses to be afraid of every passing car. It does not matter if she is indoors she still freaks out. No matter how many times I tell her the cars are harmless.When P opens the door, which consistently happens at lunch time and in the afternoon, she also freaks out. Any suggestions on easing her fear are greatly appreciated.

JJ, we watched T@ken and we really enjoyed it, thanks for the tip. When we saw the trailer, P told me that it was a JJ kind of movie. The man does know his kids.

First time doing this outside. I like it.

She's getting really good with the slide.

Yeah, outside time!

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