Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The common cold SUCKS.

P returned to work today and understandably had an awful day, because we are all still sick. Baby S is a snot factory. Seriously, if the gooey, green, disgusting stuff was a commodity, P and I could retire and our great-grandchildren could live comfortably with the money. I have never seen so much snot come out of such a small creature.

She is more active and also more whiny, since she does not understand what is going on in her little body. Baby S is now a pro at wiping her nose and we are sure that by tomorrow she'll have catarro (cold) and salud (said when someone sneezes) down. She is not eating but is drinking milk and orange juice. Last night P made a strong stand when Baby S would not eat her dinner. He went out (as lousy as he was feeling) and bought her chocolate chip ice cream. P's explanation, "So she'll at least have something in her tummy." How many of you are surprised that Baby S refused to eat dinner (and breakfast and lunch)? But, since I am picking my battles I just reminded P that he must deal with the backlash when the time comes.

This afternoon, Baby S said "G00gle." She repeated it on the phone for her Baba and did a repeat performance when he came home in the afternoon. Phone pics below, because I was too lazy to walk downstairs to retrieve one of my cameras.

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