Saturday, February 07, 2009

Seven months as a family.

Seven months since we first met the beautiful little girl that had already stolen our hearts and would turn our lives upside down, but in a positive way. I wonder what it would be like for Baby S to read about our memories of Family Day. I wonder if she would say, "You think I turned your lives upside down? Dude, YOU turned my life upside down." After all, she is our kid.

One of my first thoughts this morning was about the first dinner we had together at the hotel in Kunming. Our guide was smart enough to have us stay in, hardly knowing our babies and all. When we arrived at the restaurant, B and J were there with their Baby J and asked us to join them. The restaurant was spacious and our six families were the only ones there, but it felt good to share a table with them. We had talked to B&J in passing, but we sort of clicked at the Civil Affairs Office once we met our daughters. Out of our travel group we missed them the most and it is a bummer that they live in Southern California.

What stands out for me about that first dinner is how ordinary it was. Of the six couples in our group, only two couples had other children (us and a couple meeting their fourth child). It was a bit hectic for those with a baby for the first time and it showed. B&J are both very calm, easy going individuals, but you could tell that they were a bit frazzled with the logistics of eating with a baby. They discussed then decided who would eat first and who would do what.

We waited for a high chair, P settled Baby S and I went to look at what was available, and decided to start out with pumpkin soup. I don't recall P and I talking, he did his thing and I did mine. I chose soup because I was told by Baby S's nanny that she had only had formula, congee and they had just started her on white rice. Baby S loved the soup and before I realized that P was gone he returned with a plate with rice, noodles and duck. We fed Baby S and she accepted all three foods. She then forgot about the soup, she wanted more solids. Baby S still loves duck, especially with orange sauce.

P again left the table and returned with plates for both of us. For someone who never had to deal with a small child (except when we baby sat T2 & T3) he really surprised me with his easy breezy demeanor. It was, at least for us, a very relaxing dinner, not what I had expected. I remember B commenting on how "content" Baby S seemed. Baby S surprised us by eating so well, whatever you offered she ate. That is when P came up with our Chinese pet name for her, Shao Niao (little bird), because that is what she looked like whenever she opened her little mouth to ask for more food.

This morning Baby S decided to kick off Family Day with another first. She played in her room while we were watching a movie in our room. Baby S cannot stand being without us and we were blown away by this. Mind you, her room is next to ours, only 4 steps separate us. Baby S would come into our room periodically to check on us, but she did her thing in her room. She played for about an hour and that is one giant baby step.

When P returned from the bank not only was Baby S napping, but he returned with a movie. So much for going outside and exploring. P has been working long hours and just wanted to hang out at home. He chose a sophomoric comedy to make up for the lousy movie we had just watched. I know, two movies in one day, a tad excessive. But they guy works hard and he needs a break here and there.

Baby S woke up from her nap just in time to hear and then repeat a colorful word (the movie not us). Ouch, have to remember that the kid is a sponge and our days of watching whatever are over. In another moment of exemplary parenting, we had Baby S lounging around wearing a onesie. She had sausage for breakfast, her favorite, pepperoni pizza for lunch and turkey and cheese for dinner. I know, we should write a book on parenting. We ended our evening by watching 48 H0urs M*stery. Baby S was not expecting the end at all.

I love my personal and portable playground.

See the picture on the coffee table behind Baby S? We were supposed to mail it as a gift and yet there it sits.

Always finding new ways to sit, but never the normal way.

Baby S spent most of the evening playing with that plastic fork and the star from one of her shape sorting toys. Why did we ever bother with so many toys?

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