Sunday, February 08, 2009

W0w W0w Wubb*zy

Baby S likes the W0w W0w Wubb*zy cartoon. Although she has only seen it a couple of times, it somehow caught her attention. Whenever she hears the commercial for the DVD she screams and dances to the music. When the commercial is over, she cries and repeats W0w W0w trying to will the commercial to replay. We thought it would be neat for us to buy her the WWW DVD as a FD present.

Baby S was so excited when she saw the DVD that she actually kissed it, but my phone is too slow and I could not capture the moment (I left my camera in the van). P tried to look at the DVD cover and Baby S yanked it from him. It took a lot of coaxing to get her to share. When we came home she spent about twenty minutes watching the DVD and was done for the day. Ah, the advantage of your child having a short attention span.

Baby S is comprehending more of what we tell her. This leads to a lot of frustration on our part when she engages in selective hearing. But that is her job, to test boundaries and keep us on our toes. About three weeks ago, Baby S was looking for her sippy cup. She loves to carry stuff around and then leaves it somewhere then forgets about it and that leads to crying. I was busy at the time and just told her to "look behind the sofa," without gesturing in that direction, I was not even looking at her. She simply walked behind the sofa and returned with her sippy cup. P and I were very impressed.

In the second video I ask her to do the sign for swallow, and she does it, although it is not very visible. We had to teach her that because Baby S chews until there is no need to chew but forgets to swallow. She has the sign down, but still takes her time over-chewing.

Baby S received her first invitation to a birthday party, but we could not attend. Her other best bud, Luke, celebrated his first birthday yesterday. We will hopefully get together with them soon. Happy birthday Luke!

My own W0w W0w Wubb*zy DVD. I like my Family Day gift.

No, I don't want to share with you.

Baba, I think I should be the one playing with the toys.

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