Thursday, February 05, 2009

Last night.

It’s sobering how a small event can turn a child’s world upside down. Baby S had a bad night and it is all my fault. I received an e-mail last night from my mother admonishing me for ignoring my doctor and continuing to pick up Baby S. Her point was simple and spot on, the longer you pick her up, the longer you’ll be hurting. The longer you are hurting, the longer Baby S misses on her Mama. Sigh. Mental note, do not be a smart a$$ on the blog when you darn well know your mother follows it like a celebrity stalker. P agreed with my mother and made sure to be the one to pick Baby S up and give her lots of extra cuddles and kisses. Baby S would just gravitate back to me, and when close would get so excited that she would end up jumping on my left leg. OUCH!

Trying to be good I did not pick her up last evening and that is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Baby S just walks up to me, does the sign for up and knows her Mama will pick her up. Not last night. We played with her and tried to distract her until bedtime. P voluntarily took over bedtime since we arrived home. So for the past six months he’s been the one to take Baby S upstairs to bed. If I’m staying downstairs for some alone time she just gives me a kiss and off they go. Last night Baby S was getting restless and P decided to take her upstairs and that is when the fun began. She threw a fit, wiggled out of his arms and clung to me like she had not seen me in a week. The crying and the “Mama, Mama, Mama…” was hard to take. I went with them upstairs and we decided to have her in bed with us. Too late for amends, Baby S was royally teed off and let us know. She had a really rough night with lots of whining, rolling all over the bed, kicking and head butting.

At around 3:00 a.m. she had become so restless that P deposited her in her crib. She was not a happy camper, cried for her Mama, but fell asleep for a little over an hour. P brought her back to bed, whimpering and in a foul mood. Baby S fell asleep much later and is now still on our bed catching up on much needed sleep. She is usually up and about at this time, bright eyed and bushy tailed. I feel awful that not picking her up last evening made her feel so insecure.

Baby S’s behavior last night reminded me that she is part whale. I don’t think I have blogged about this, but Baby S breaches. She has not done this in a while and last night she regressed to her baby whale behavior. Watch out when she breaches because she lands really hard and it is always her very hard head on my face. As painful as her landings are, she looks really cute doing it. Littlest whale in the world. :) I am hoping that our baby girl has a better day and night.

We still think that Baby S is doing well sleep wise as last night's problems were the result of a change in her routine. Can't blame the girl for protesting vigorously the only way she knows how.

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