Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lonely no more.

This is Baby S's glider, until recently a sore subject for me. We spent more than we initially planned but P made a good argument for the extra expense. I focused on the cost and being sensible, while P thought that once I had a screaming Baby S home I would be glad that it is wider, more comfortable and it reclines. Since our arrival from China, the glider has been a constant reminder of our miscalculation, and a source of guilt for me. We are not upset, because Baby S could not help the fact that being held lying down freaked her out, or that gliding/rocking is a new and uncomfortable sensation. A few times I considered asking P to move the glider to the garage, allegedly to have more room, but in reality not to look at it. Knowing P, that would have been a big mistake and I just let it go.

Then Baby S began to relax and our morning ritual of cuddling on the glider began. Yesterday morning when I greeted Baby S by her crib she did the sign for up as usual. She then pointed towards the glider. Looks like she is enjoying our morning cuddle time as much as I am. Baby S takes her time waking up, just like her Baba, a foreign concept to me. P is always amazed at how when I'm up, I'm up, that's it. Sometimes he is annoyed by it, but it's just who I am. He is glad to finally have a kindred spirit. Wait until we have to wake Baby S up and get her to day care or preschool on time. Something tells me he won't be as big a fan of her morning sluggishness.

Baby S did not nap yesterday and we were hoping that she would make it to 8:00 p.m. before falling asleep. We were afraid that she would nap for a few hours then go to bed way past midnight. Hard as we tried she succumbed to slumber at 7:00 p.m. I resigned myself to being up past midnight with Baby S on party mode once she "napped." She woke up crying at 11:46 and I made it a point to get to her before she stood up on her crib. Once she stands we have lost the battle and she is up for good. I found her on her knees. I picked her up and realized she must have had a bad dream because she was crying softly and a bit disoriented.

We sat on the glider and I instinctively held her upright. Baby S rested her head on my shoulder, then slid down to my chest. Then every few minutes she'd slide down a bit more, until she was laying on my arms. We were rocking for about 30 minutes when she let go of Funky Dog and I heard her snore. Seven months later I finally rocked my baby to sleep. I placed Baby S back in her crib where she slept peacefully until 5:00 a.m. The sound of the shower woke her up and I could not get her back to sleep. We will take a ten hour sleep stretch any day, even if she is up early.

We had snow flurries yesterday! Got to love California weather where one day you are playing outside in the sun in short sleeves and two days later you get snow flurries. It is raining right now and we are hoping that by this weekend we get some snow on the mountains. We are getting anxious to get Baby S out there for another first.

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