Friday, February 20, 2009


When P arrived home from work today, he left the front door open. Baby S gave her Baba a hug (she now body slams him while saying "hug"), and then bolted outside wearing only a t-shirt. She began to do the sign for help and up pointing at her scooter. We were not planning on outside time, but Baby S threw a fit and we decided to let her run around for a while.

She is still sick, but managed to run around after bubbles for quite a while. Since we are still going for that parent of the year award we did not even bother to comb her hair. Oh well...

Lately Baby S has been insisting on feeding herself. She did a good job today with her lasagna and used a fork. Baby S consistently uses her left hand when she feeds herself but also uses her right hand for 0ther things. At her age she should have a hand preference, so we'll see what happens.

Align CenterHere Baba, more bubble juice.

Oh my, bubbles. Love her little hands.

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