Thursday, February 26, 2009

Making liars out of her parents.

This morning I had to engage in a very boring, tedious, yet necessary errand. The type that includes waiting in line without knowing how long and bureaucratic red tape. It also entailed waking Baby S up from a deep sleep, a mortal sin in her book. Our girl was dressed and out the door by 7:30 a.m.

Both P and I were concerned about how Baby S would behave. She had a sippy cup with milk, a sippy cup with juice and a sippy cup with water. Talk about covering all my bases. She also had Cheeri0s and a fruit bar. I added some extra toys to her usual ones and allowed her to bring Zebra in the office.

Baby S was a saint, and only uttered "more" in a few instances. More for Baby S is usually said very loud, like a miniature Neanderthal. Who is this kid in my arms, who is politely whispering "more" to her Mama? I called P to update him on our appointment and mentioned that I was gathering her things and would be busy for I did not know how long. Baby S sat on a chair with her Cheeri0s, milk, toy and Zebra. She was SO GOOD, that the office staff would walk over and fuss over the oh so well behaved little girl. I was tempted to ask them to follow us home so I could videotape them as their jaws hit the floor.

P, knowing his daughter, left work to come and keep us company. He did not call me before leaving (or he would have known it was OK), because he thought he could just follow the noise and find us. When he arrived, he was puzzled about the lack of screaming, shouts of more or Mama chants. He had to look for us and was pleasantly surprised when he found his daughter, quietly sitting and entertaining herself. One of the staff ladies gushed about his adorable daughter.

That is the funky thing about Baby S. Sometimes she really worries us with how hyperactive she is. This is coming from the mother of the ultimate poster child for ADHD, JJ. Yet Baby S is far more hyper than JJ was at her age. Those of you who know my son are going to find this hard to believe, but it is true. The difference is that JJ maintained his activity level home and wherever he went. Baby S tends to be more subdued in public. She does have her moments, but really, what child is perfect all the time. When P and I relate her antics at home, people find it hard to believe that we are talking about the same girl in front of them. I really hope she remains that way.

After our errand we went to W@lgreens and spent some time looking at the Easter decorations. As I was trying to figure out the purpose of a weird looking toy, Baby S began to say, "OOhhhhhhhh, bubbles, Mama, bubbles." I looked in front of me and all I could see was the usual Easter fare, eggs, bunnies, etc. Baby S would not stop with the bubble talk. Then I looked to my right and there I saw a plethora of bubble paraphernalia. The funny thing is, that the particular item she was reaching for, was a Spi.der M@n bubble toy that I had to look closely to realize it was for bubbles. How does she do that? I think I know what we are getting for her birthday.

Since Baby S was so amazing this morning, we took her to have lunch at her favorite place, C0$tco. She loves their hot dogs and they are fattening, so we hope that it helps her bulk up some. After we were done with our shopping, we headed home. Since the sun was out, and I am an enabler, I allowed Baby S to indulge in her latest addiction, er, obsession.

I'm such a good girl.

Still insisting on climbing the wrong way.

I rue my decision to assemble this toy in front of Baby S. She's been fascinated by the bolts since that day and keeps messing with them.

I'll never get tired of this beautiful face.

Baby S managed to unscrew the wheel on her slide. UGH. That is another trait that she shares with JJ. By age 3, he was quite adept at taking our telephone apart. I finally gave up and bought him a cheap phone and let him pick it apart at will.

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