Friday, February 06, 2009

Thank you Cousin Bel! I LOVE my gifts.

Baby S received a a special package from her Cousin Bel (with help from Aunt Court and Uncle Matt) this afternoon. They had no idea what is going on at home but it sure made Baby S's day. Cousin Bel sent a beautiful dress, a set of PJs, a puzzle and a big penguin.

The dress is just too cute and we can't wait for Baby S to wear it when the weather is warmer. She loves the PJs because dogs are one of her current obsessions. I am not a girly girl, but those jammies are beyond cute. The puzzle is Baby S's first, because given the many toys she has, her parents neglected to buy her any puzzles (or a much coveted taggie). The puzzle has an apple, a banana, a glass of milk, a slice of pizza, a burger, mac and cheese, and cookies. Baby S immediately made the sign for apple and milk; then she said nana (banana). At least she can recognize them.

P is a big fan of penguins and one of Baby S's favorite books is about penguins. We have over a dozen stuffed animal penguins in the garage waiting for Baby S. Although he loves them so much, P had never received a penguin as a gift until I gave one to him. All the penguins he has received have been from myself or JJ. When we moved here, P carefully packaged them for Baby S. Since she has so many toys and P was he** bent that his daughter was going to be a Sn00py fan, the penguins remained in the garage. Funny that Baby S's first penguin came from her cousin not her Baba. She loved Mr. P and spent the afternoon kissing his beak and giving him hugs.

We gave Baby S another bubble bath and she was happy to get into her doggie PJs. We took a few pictures and P took her downstairs while I uploaded the pics and video. Before I was done, P was back upstairs, placing Baby S in her crib. Guess all the excitement about her gift resulted in an early and easy bedtime. Thanks Cousin Bel, Aunt Court and Uncle Matt for the gifts.

Michelle, if you were nearby, you'd be the first person we'd call. Don't worry, when Sophie comes home you'll do just fine. BTW, I'm so glad you are blogging again.

You guys are so silly, I'm NOT sharing my goodies with you.

How much do I like my gifts? This much!

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Janell said...

I too love your birthday gifts baby... Your big penguin is so cute... Nice pictures!!