Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rain, rain, go away.

We are not rain fans and yesterday we got a full day of showers. Baby S was bummed out because she wanted to go outside and chase bubbles. She would come up to me and carefully pronounce "bubble;" she looks so cute when she does that. I fell for it and repeated bubble, what I didn't know is what that means in Baby S's world. It appears that repeating said word is an iron clad agreement to head outside and start a bubble extravaganza.

Baby S ran to the bathroom, picked up a bottle of bubble juice (yeah her lame Mama left it there within her reach) and was ready for action. Sorry little one, it's thirty something degrees outside and wet, very, very wet. Baby S was not happy about my pig headed refusal to go along with her sensible request.

After all, what is a girl to do inside with a house full of toys? BORING. Our little trooper, perhaps inspired by her Santa PJs, chased her blues away by engaging in silly antics. To keep up with the Holiday theme, she used her Halloween bucket as an accessory and had a grand ole time playing bucket head. That bucket and Mr. Skull are not going to make it to the garage with the other Halloween stuff. She really likes that silly bucket. Kids.

P came home just before 4:00 and headed for the sofa. He was exhausted and like us, still sick. Baby S was napping and that allowed him to fall asleep quickly. When Baby S awoke from her power nap she was ecstatic to find her Baba home. P did his best to wake up and play but he was too tired. I was busy in the kitchen when the silence worried me (those two play hard and loud), and I walked into the living room to find P passed out, and Baby S quietly using the leftover D0ritos from P's bag and making D0ritos powder on the carpet. UGH.

I involuntarily shrieked and startled P from sleep. The poor guy tried to help clean up the mess but he could hardly keep his eyes open. That is when I realized how bad off he was. P looked ten times worse than we we arrived home from China. I don't know when is the last time that I have seen him so beaten. So I told him to go upstairs and that I would deal with the mess and Baby S and to just sleep until dinner.

Once I was done cleaning up it hit me. What have I just done? Did I just volunteer to take an extra shift with the tiniest yet most effective weapon of mass destruction? See, that is the problem with loving people and why I have a strict limit on how many creatures I love. When you love someone your brain goes out the window and you make stupid decisions like the one I made, juts on a whim. How am I going to cook and keep Tornado S from unleashing her fury? Oh well, P really needed to rest.

Baby S, as usual, rose to the occasion and did very well, taking in her consideration that she did not get her Baba fix. She managed to only stop my heart three times with her stunts. I was able to capture one of them below. I saw her stepping into P's shoes (size 12) and I knew I needed to be close just in case.

Oh yeah, you are seeing exactly what you think you are seeing. Baby S tried to take a step and down she went. As you can see, I have improved my "take a picture with my left hand while catching Baby S with my right hand" technique since that first stunt baby picture in Kunming. I should add that to my resume.

Baby S LOVES sausage and noodles and that means that we have spaghetti with sausage once a week. She usually has a serving of plain noodles first. If you add sauce, she sucks the sauce and spits out the noodles. Once she eats her noodles we allow her to play and suck sauce to her heart's content. Baby S is really enjoying using a fork and was very proud of herself whenever she managed to get a piece of sausage or a noodle. I had a blast watching her try to figure out the logistics.

P was not awake by dinner time and I did not have the heart to wake him up. After dinner, Baby S enjoyed a bath and I have no idea how P slept through it. Our daughter is loud and I'm sure the neighbors know when she is in the tub. Baby S amused herself by trying to use her body to form a wave and drench her Mama. Our little Tsunami S. I really need to put less water in the tub.

P woke up at 9:30, had dinner, played with Baby S and was back in bed by 10:30. When I went upstairs at 11:00 he was almost out, while Baby S was sitting next to him, quietly watching him. I think she realized her Baba was sick, because she is usually very active when she is in bed with him. She obviously missed the excitement of their play time because she did not fall asleep until 11:30. Yikes! P woke up this morning looking SO MUCH better. I'm truly relieved because I felt really bad for the guy. He just needed some rest.

Here is a video of Baby S during dinner attempting to say sausage and noodle (nunu).

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