Thursday, August 27, 2009

25 lbs. 7 oz. of love.

At her March two-year old check up appointment, SS was two ounces shy of 21 lbs. P was very upset because at her medical appointment in China her weight was allegedly 17 lbs. We seriously doubt that was SS's actual weight, just by looking at her pictures then and now, one can see the difference. Still, officially SS had only gained almost 4 pounds in eight months. Tonight we decided to find out if my claim that she is 25 pounds of love is accurate. Our little girl managed to gain four pounds in five months Not bad. The best part is that P is finally over his concern about SS's weight. :)

After dinner we went to the Mall for a nice walk. We stopped at the playground to allow SS to burn some energy. SS was joined by a 30 month old boy, and we were pretty surprised by how even they were developmentally. SS managed to climb on the slide on her own, a first. I was able to capture another first, last week SS began to jump with both feet off the ground. Yeah SS!

We love how SS still needs that "ready" reassurance before sliding.

They grow up too fast. :(

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