Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Last full day in the island.

After awakening our tiny Medusa, we drove to our last outing. Initially we only wanted to return to downtown Ponce to pick up a few souvenirs, but took a detour to the Cruceta El Vigia. It does have amazing views of the city. The elevator was out of order, so we had to settle for walking outside.

We returned to downtown Ponce, and I realized I had not tried a piragua. The piragua dude was not there, but P remembered the piragua vendor at the mall. Just our luck that he was not working today. Twenty-six years waiting to have a piragua and it looks like I'll leave without fulfilling that wish.

Although we have had a lot of fun, it is time for us to return home. We miss our beds (OK, SS misses her crib), we miss the AC (really, REALLY miss it), and we miss being an island of three.

Our tiny Medusa.

In front of the Castillo Serralles.

The littlest jíbara.

This picture is going to be framed by SS's Parque de Bombas frame. I never, ever thought I'd be saying or writing the preceding sentence. Why can't I have normal children? Oh yeah, normal children are just freaking boring.

All schools have their own uniforms. If you see a school aged child during school hours, you also know what school she belongs to by her uniform. When I was in school, the differences were more glaring as public school children wore solid color uniforms, and plaid patterns were reserved for private school children.

Sarna dog.

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