Saturday, August 01, 2009

Lunch with the Abus at Galloway's

Because we are great at planning, we ended up having lunch with the Abus in Boquerón. Yep, just down the shore from where we were yesterday. :) P immediately noticed the name of the restaurant,Galloway‘s Bar and Restaurant. He had to comment that he did not know the Irish were so good with Puerto Rican cuisine. The dude is having difficulties grasping the concept of colonization. Just kidding, but it is one of those things you have to live to truly understand. After a great lunch of fresh fish and mofongo, the Abus returned home and we did some shopping, before returning to the beach.

SS and Mama had red snapper and mofongo.

SS and Baba had dorado and mofongo.

SS swiped a tostón from Abuelo.

For rent, four rooms and close to the water.

Where we were yesterday and where we headed after lunch.

SS played with these two boys, who were eagerly willing to find sea shells for her.

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