Tuesday, August 04, 2009

El Castillo San Felipe del Morro

The first thing we noticed upon arrival at San Juan was that our super trooper SS is nearing the end of her rope. She spent a lot of time in her stroller (thanks Abus) and was not in a mood to pose for pictures. We can't blame her, as she has had quite a full scheduled since we left home. We decided to take it easy, see what we could, but not rush SS in any way.

Our first stop was El Castillo San Felipe del Morro. P was very impressed by the fort and its rich (albeit sad) history. P knows that while I am not a political person, I often wonder what it would have been like if the Spanish remained in control of the island. He also knows that Mami's Spanish heritage is responsible for my bias. P made comments out loud that just cracked me up, and had many tourists giving him weird looks. Gems like "Wow, the Spanish are really smart folks. Look what they were able to build, unlike those Americans." The White dude admiring the Spanish was quite a hit.

SS was rather unimpressed by her surroundings, but she was not only tired, but barely two. She did get a kick out of the strong breeze, like only someone with straight hair can appreciate. SS seemed to like the garitas (sentry boxes), while P and I were in awe of the breath taking views.
Right after this picture was taken, P announced we were using the trolley to get around. The walk to the fort wiped him out.

The first flag is the Spanish flag that used to grace the fort.

SS's first sentry box photo op.

SS was completely unimpressed by the cannon balls.

SS enjoyed the strong breeze.

My wife thinks carrying SS in the Ergo is a great feat. I am actually going to use my arms to carry our child.

P did a great job carrying SS up the long flight of stairs.

SS showing her enthusiasm while waiting for the trolley.

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