Saturday, August 29, 2009

SS can certainly hold a grudge.

Today, SS and P spent much needed one on one time. I had a commitment that was not kid friendly, so it worked out really well. We met for lunch, I opened SS's door to give her a kiss, and the girl turned her face away. Her future significant other will certainly have quite a handful. We parted after lunch and SS gave me the saddest puppy face look I have ever seen. She definitely paid attention during manipulation training. By this afternoon all was forgiven, and SS gave me a huge smile, kisses and hung on tight to me. She is draped on me, fast asleep.

I am surprised at how much I missed her, it's like I was missing a vital part of my anatomy. We have not been apart longer than two hours since we met. Seriously, how can someone as self-absorbed as me become so whipped? I actually asked P to send me pictures and he happily obliged. Since that was not enough, I called SS, something P does almost daily. But for me, it was the first time listening to my daughter's angelic voice over the phone. It is now clear to me how much he appreciates the pictures and video I send to him and the blog updates.

So what did P and SS do? See below.

SS took a three hour nap after exhausting herself asking for Mama. It also helped that she was up at 3:30 a.m. ready to partay.

P and SS went hunting for Halloween paraphernalia.


Second lunch at Co$tco.

From yesterday, because I can't resist the cuteness.

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