Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Good thing that it is our last night in P.R., because we have no energy left.

We have been very bad bloggers. If we did not have our cell phones, we probably would not have posted after we went to El Yunque. Once we are home, we will go over our hundreds of pictures and post.

Today we returned to downtown Ponce to pick up a few souvenirs. The two stores we wanted to visit are located in front of el Parque de Bombas, SS's current obsession. I thought it was quite a stretch when P wanted SS to have her replica, and see if she would make the connection. Not only did she make the connection (will post the video later), but SS is simply obsessed with that building. I wonder how many two-year olds develop that type of attachment to a historic landmark. We bought a PdB frame to place SS's picture on her dresser at home.

This is SS's reaction upon realizing that we passed by her new best friend:

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