Saturday, August 01, 2009

The moment when P became a full fledged Puerto Rican, and I have a video.

Over the years, I have shared my memories of P.R. with P. It has become painfully clear that I should have kept some things to myself. Who knew he was listening all along? One my biggest pet peeves about the people in the island is their total disregard for emergency vehicles. In the U.S., when you hear a siren, you move out of the way as quickly as possible. Here, people actually get on the way of ambulances. After all, it could only be someone at death's door inside. When Abu visited us, I asked if that was still the case. Abu reassured me that people evolved, with a gentle nudge from the stiff fines for not yielding to an emergency vehicle. I should have known better. This is the same woman who assured me that the island streets and highways were clearly and completely marked with signs. Yeah right!

It did not take long for P to witness the source of my frustration and embarrassment. Less than thirty minutes after I drove away from the rental car office I heard and saw an ambulance. I looked in my rear view mirror, and saw people cutting off the ambulance. P could not believe what he was seeing. He really thought I was just exaggerating. Our three readers know that I do exaggerate for effect, but I was dead serious about this. I had been doing all the driving until yesterday. Since we arrived, every time P saw an ambulance he would excitedly tell me, "Go K, cut the ambulance off." P is a pretty funny guy and I just laughed at our inside joke.

Since yesterday, when I felt comfortable with him driving, P has been on the lookout for ambulances. When he saw one driving in the opposite direction he would lament missing the opportunity to go all P.R. on them. When the ambulances (I just realized that we do get an awful lot of ambulances here) were driving in our direction, P would cuss over missing his moment of glory. On our way home today, an ambulance entered the highway slightly behind us on the right lane. P said, "This is it, I'm going to box it in." I honestly thought that he was kidding, but no, he stepped on the gas and blocked the ambulance. P has happier than a pig in excrement and asked me to take a video. "Hurry Baby, hurry up before it can pass us." I should have behaved like the adult I am supposed to be, but did not. The sad proof is below It is now almost two hours later, and I'm still in shock that he really did that. This is something the Abus will learn when they read this and see the video. Here's the thing, they won't have a problem with P's actions, the man can do no wrong in their eyes. I do know that they are going to blame ME for the incident though.

You would think that stunt would be enough for one day. Wait, there's more. Later, P needed to make a left turn, and thought there were two turning lanes. Sadly, he was mistaken. P has seen some stupid and downright dangerous driving here (like stopping in the middle of the street and getting out of the car to talk on a cell phone). He has been as critical as I have been. That did not stop him from engaging in the local sport. P made the left turn from the right lane, cutting off the first vehicle in the left, rightful turning lane. To be able to pull it off, P had to not only step on it, but make a turn worthy of an eighteen wheeler. You know your driving is bad when your two-year old exclaims "WHOAH!" I think it is best if I drive from now on.

I was unable to get the moment when P boxed in the ambulance. Here he is merely racing with it. How did we pass a home study?

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