Monday, August 03, 2009

A detour to Britton Tower.

Instead of driving straight to Luquillo Beach, we took a detour back to El Yunque for a hike. I have no idea what made us do such a foolish thing. Who the heck wants to hike during their not a vacation? Poor SS did not have a say and found herself strapped to her sweaty Mama again.

As close as P will ever get to the mythical Chupacabra.

SS surrounded by aliens.

SS is just thrilled to be on her Mama's back. Heh.

I did not see this until the end of our hike. That is when P told me that when he saw the tower at the top of the mountain he thought, "F*ck, there is now way I'm making it up there, and there is no way K is making it up there with twenty-five pounds on her back." I'm really glad I did not see it, because I am a huge coward and would have returned to the car.

View from the top.

We had a portable tripod in the backpack, but ended up risking our good camera for this picture. We were kind of beat when we reached the top.

SS being her goofy self.

That's where we hiked to.

People who are painfully aware of the consequences of hiking with twenty-five pounds strapped to their back, who then willingly engage in a repeat performance, are insane.

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