Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday drive and unexpected water fun.

We went for a two hour drive, and had a nice,leisurely brunch. Once fed, on a whim we drove to a nearby college town. We walked around for a while, and found a few eateries to try in the future. When we return, SS will have her first taste of Mediterranean food. We lived very close (10 miles) to a college town for ten years, but it was total crap when it came to diversity, cleanliness and good food. As we walked up to a window to check a menu, a young man standing nearby gave us a rundown on the place, which sadly, had closed recently. We were distracted by the very powerful smell from the joint he was nonchalantly smoking in public. We thanked him for the info, and quickly moved on, as we did not want SS to get high for the first time at such a young age.

We ended our walk at the town plaza and, oh boy, guess what we found? A nice fountain, the type where you can play, cool off, get drenched and not get arrested. Well, as long as you are clothed and sober. As anyone who has been here knows, SS is a water freak, and we turned her loose. She had a blast and ran around for quite a while. We are noticing a lot of improvement in her leg strength, only tripping once. SS is also running less awkwardly, almost like other children her age, except for that cute butt wiggle she does. We had a really nice day, even though when our adaptor died, it was accompanied by smoke from the cigarette lighter. That gave us quite a scare, fearing we had fried SS's DVD player AKA our sanity during long drives.

And no, I can't imagine my parents being worried about the battery status of my DVD player as a child (or myself worried about JJ's). Then again, Mami was 67 and Papi was 79 when I was born. ;) That makes it even funnier...

SS calmly waiting for her Baba to check the GPS for directions. Cool feature of the new iPhone. It's how we got around P.R. sans map.

One day SS will stop using a sippy cup, and we will miss her football hold.

Mama put me down! The water is calling out my name.

Later at the Mall. Good thing that I keep at least one towel, clothes and shoes in the car.

This is how tired our water loving SS was upon arriving home:

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