Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SS is all of a sudden not very fond of cold water.

What a difference a few dips in warm water makes. After a two week absence, SS has returned to her chlorinated water routine. She is sticking it out, but does let us know that she is not pleased with the water temperature. She'll have to wait until we visit her Grandpa in Maui to be comfortable again.

On Wednesdays, the water park hosts Family Night, and today was the last one of the season. Apparently when the rugrats return to school, we all stop having fun. Tonight's theme was Character Night,with the staff dressed as the expected D*sney characters, plus B@tman, Sc00by D00 and others. It was interesting to see how unaffected SS is by Uncle W@lt's creations. SS recognizes Nem0 and Ar*el (who ironically was not there), but that is only because the roam her world, the water world. SS is a very observant little creature, and the characters were hanging out around the lazy lagoon, but she was not interested at all. Little girls her age were all over T*nkerbell, asking to be held and having their picture taken. Our daughter would point to the snack bar and state, "I keem, Fench Fies." We want to keep it that way.

Now we backtrack again. For our return to El Yunque click here, and for SS's first dip in the Atlantic Ocean click here.

It's not Boqueron or Luquillo, but it'll do.

SS is really digging some parts of the attachment work. We can keep feeding her for as long as we want.

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