Monday, August 03, 2009

Playa Luquillo

After the hike, we dragged our tired behinds to Luquillo Beach and SS's first dip in the Atlantic Ocean. The water was not as calm as Boqueron, but SS still managed to have a grand time.

The best part of our day was the people to our left and to our right. On our right, there was a Chinese woman and her Caucasian husband vacationing with their respective parents. On our left side, there was a large group of Japanese tourists. Not a single person in either party gave SS a second look. It was a welcome reprieve from all the gawking and questions we got while there.

Not our best picture, but the one where we are smiling has a huge drop of water messing it up.

She loves playing tug of war by pulling on the dry bag's cord.

SS's first taste of a pincho (Puerto Rican shish kabob).

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