Sunday, August 02, 2009

Daytime stroll through La Guancha.

P has quickly developed a fear of the heat that is generated by a cement house without AC. He truly fears to be in there. After our jaunt downtown we headed to La Guancha to chill out, enjoy the breeze and allow SS to roam free. We had a good time and allowed SS to stretch her legs for a few hours.

You can see how thrilled SS is to be confined to a stroller.

Born free...

The Caribbean hotness that is P.

SS dips her toes and her butt, for the first time in the Caribbean Sea. P had assured me that he would make sure that she would only dip her toes. As you can see, he did a wonderful job of preventing. If you need someone to help with your child, you know, to be the adult, P is your man. Notice how he is rushing to get SS out of the water. ;)

Soaking in the breeze and the cerveza.

P explaining to SS why she can't run around screaming like a banshee, and touching everything she sees. You can tell how well that went from SS's expression.

SS's first bite of an alcapurria. She polished one on her own. Our girl is a good and adventurous eater (when she feels like it).

P's turn, and he liked it. I am fortunate that they both did so well after being bombarded with so many new things. No matter how long I was gone, I had memories of the food, what I liked, and what I disliked. I do cook rice and beans but that is about it. And since their easy going dispositions are not due to anything I have done, it is not bragging. At least that is what a good friend told me; if it is not your doing, then it is just stating a fact.

This preteen dude was having a great time dancing with women old enough to be his mothers. Women were lining up to dance with him and he did not seem to mind.

SS decided to flaunt her salsa dancing skills. She had a grand time and did not seem to notice the attention she gathered.

P's turn to show off his inner Puerto Rican.

SS trying sorrullitos and a pionono. YUMMO!

Part of SS's inspiration to hit the floor:

SS won't be receiving a dance scholarship to Juilliard, but at least she tries.

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