Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Castillo San Cristóbal

After a horrendous experience boarding the trolley, we headed to Castillo San Cristóbal. P and I were separated by savage animals disguised as humans, and he ended up in the front seat with SS. A nice Cuban couple saved a seat for me in the last seat. SS does not take separation from her Mama well, and I was anxious for her. When SS located me she began to yell "Mama, Mama!" while pointing at me. A man who was seating in the middle turned to me and asked if she was mine. Once I said yes he broke into a huge smile and said, "She's crazy about you, she's been pointing at you and calling for you since she sat down." I had not been feeling too hot about myself lately (a normal side effect when constantly criticized), and his comment really cheered me up. I am also crazy about my amazing daughter.

As we were leaving, P commented, "Wow, these forts have lasted four hundred years and will last hundreds more. It's just amazing at how they were built pretty much by hand. Such strong structures." I seized the opportunity and responded, "Yet they could not keep your people away and from colonizing the island." We had a great laugh about it, but need to remember that not everyone gets our sense of humor. ;)

We took SS to two historic sites, each more known than El Parque de Bombas. To SS, if it is not a wooden building painted in red and black stripes, it is not worth her time.

I think I can, I think I can.

Yes Mama and Baba, you should be impressed by my ability to be taken here and there and remain relatively unfazed.

One can tell that SS is feeling better, because she is mugging for the camera.

La Garita del Diablo, an iconic Puerto Rican image.

A very determined SS made it up to La Garita del Diablo on her own:

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