Friday, August 07, 2009

It was fun,but it is time for us to go home.

To avoid a repeat performance of our mad dash to SAC, we left ridiculously early yesterday. The Abus thought we were being overly cautious, but we learned our lesson and do not care to run through airports a la 0.J.

We stopped at Plaza Las Americas for breakfast. We also allowed SS to walk around and burn off energy. She received a purple balloon bunny from a sample giver. SS was very taken with her new toy and little did we know that it would be a source of amusement later on.

We made it to the rental office and to the airport with plenty of time to spare. As we were waiting to board, SS caught the attention of a brother and sister (6& 5), who were playing with sticker books similar to SS's. They shared their stickers, and when I looked in her backpack for her book (to return the favor), it was not there. Talk about panic time,because while you find booze and cigarettes in almost every shop at the airport, stickers are not as popular. For the first time since China,my annoying habit of over packing paid off. I had a set of cheap, rather boring dollar store stickers, and boy did they come in handy.

SS is a fast learner because as soon as P was done installing the CARES, she leaned towards him, to be placed and buckled in her seat. The M@atchbox airplane (a whole $1.97 investment) I purchased on a whim also paid off. We mimicked take offs and landings (when she was awake) and SS really enjoyed it.

Our layover in NC was uneventful, except for the looks SS's purple bunny got. Since she was jonesing for her W0nder Pet stickers and we were saving the DVD treat for the flight to SAC, we sucked it up and ignored the looks we received. Besides, P got a kick out of the whole things, so a win win situation.

SS did very well during the last flight home. We are not sure if she grasped the concept of home, but she was very happy to park her tiny hiney in her seat and kept repeating "Ready Mama, ready." SS slept after thirty minutes of Y0 G@bba G@bba and was an easy going angel upon our arrival to SAC. P slept, as usual, while I wondered what the heck is wrong with me. P had to drive halfway home, because I was tired and weaving all oer the freeway, not a very safe thing to do.

We had fun during our time away, and we saw a lot of new things. While I thought El Yunque would be the highlight of our trip, I was mistaken. SS's unexpected enthusiasm for the Parque de Bombas, while a tad creepy, was the highlight for both P and I. There is something magical about seeing life through the eyes of a child, and we were fortunate to have that opportunity.


Two rental cars later, P is a whiz at carseat installation.

Tethering our three suitcases together was a big help. The carseat is in the red bag, which we had to order and have it mailed to Puerto Rico, because it is only available Online. Otherwise, SS's carseat would have wiped the luggage compartment. Gross.

SS develops an acute case of sticker pox. Sorry about the blurry picture, but blogger won't upload the good, in focus picture.

Remember the balloon bunny SS received at the mall? It did undergo some changes, but to SS it was still her purple bunny and she happily waved it around, and played with it. We got so many looks, not all of them were benign looks. Oh well.

Dirty rice, pinto beans and coleslaw at the NC airport. We are all tired of eating out.

The much anticipated DVD treat. SS lasted half an hour before dozing off.

Just like her Baba, SS can sleep almost anywhere.

Safe at home and practicing extreme sleeping.

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