Tuesday, August 04, 2009

El Viejo San Juan

Although we were tired, we decided to walk around Old San Juan. There's only so much culture a two year old can take in one day. Tomorrow is our last day, and we plan to let SS get some much needed rest.

I wanted P to get this shirt, as it would be great for him to wear at work. P declined and now deeply regrets his decision.

Always on the lookout for tasteful souvenirs.

Look, yet another classy souvenir.

I think this is the most time SS has spent in a stroller.

Woman, put down the camera and let's get some food.

We rudely disturbed SS's nap for a diaper change and to feed her.

Yummy lunch, arroz com pollo, aguacate and amarillos. SS LOVED it, I'm going to have to learn to cook this dish.

The most surprising part of our day. P is about the enter the parking lot where we left the car. It's in a prime location, yet it cost under $7 for six hours. The only reasonably priced thing we found in the island.

When we began planning our little trip, we jokingly dubbed it the Thank You Tour, because it was meant to introduce SS to two people who waited so long for her (Grandma and Abuelo). It has now been renamed the Eating Tour, because OMG we just ate our way through the island. SS is going to be very disappointed when she realizes she is at the mercy of her Mama's substandard cooking again.

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