Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A family visit to the doctor.

SS was due for a routine check up, P's back has been hurting and my allergies are becoming a problem. Family visit to the doctor day. The receptionist and the nurse got a kick out of how P hurt his back. SS is just fine, 34 inches, 25 and 1/2 pounds of love, and a fighter. She fought the vitals check; even after watching P and I going through the motions with happy smiles on our faces. P has really been hurting, was prescribed the big V for night time relief, and told to return to his PT exercises (from a back injury two years ago).

After doing the ENT plus eye exam, Dr. J (we usually see his wife) half kidding, half serious said "you do drugs?" Yeah dude, I snort all day, and keep up with a two year old, while working on attachment. That is, when I'm not watching TV, talking on the phone, and eating Bon Bons. P was not pleased, but since SS was there I gave him the "later, SS is taking in everything" look. P asked what he saw and Dr. J said, "her nose has blood, green crust, and all kinds of stuff." Dude I am not an MD, but ... allergies.

Dr. J was very impressed by SS's development. He stated that her muscle tone was really good, and her movements were developmentally on track. His professional opinion was validated when SS fought valiantly against his exam. Dr. J remarked, "If she can kick like that, there is no reason to worry about her leg strength, or the rest of her." It looks like our excessive time at the water park and pool paid off. There were times when I wondered if SS needed all that water time, and felt guilty about not doing something more productive at home. But SS's legs are so much stronger than they were at the beginning of summer, so it paid off.

P and I had our flu shots, and we have to take SS to the Public Health Department for her flu nasal spray. That is when SS gave nurse L a good belly laugh. I was first, while SS was on P's lap. I smiled at SS while I had my shot (role modeling sucks). SS was snuggling against P's chest and very comfy. That is, until she saw Nurse L and the needle approaching. She quickly got down and ran towards me. See you, would not want to be you Baba. It was really cute, our baby girl knows when to jump ship.

SS walked in after the appointment, picked up her tools, and went right to work.

Play time with Baba. I had a whole 45 minutes to myself.

After her bath, SS returned to the same spot. Her OCD Abuela is going to be so proud.

Not only is SS a W0nder Pet honorary super hero, but she also wields a broom and dust pan with panache.

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Brenda said...

Never too early to learn to clean the floor! It's a good thing - along with dancing with abandon, singing completely out of tune, watching the stars come out at night, roasting marshmallows over an open fire, making a perfect tuna salad sandwich, buying wayyy too many shoes to be practical - some with 3 inch heels - and other magical things that are the stuff of life. Good start, SS!