Monday, March 15, 2010

Atonement for engaging in sloth.

SS slept through the night, and even better, she slept fourteen hours (what a child her age should) uninterrupted. Waking up was a bit rough, but understandable after so much slumber.

Not yet 3, but she looks like she went on a bender.

If life was always so simple, give the kid a banana, kid smiles.

SS sporting her new red Chucks, a gift from the Abus. Those are Capri pants, but she wears them like Calvin (from Calvin & Hobbes).

SS could not do this last October. No big deal for a child her age, but a huge milestone for us.

It was so beautiful outside, and we have even more beautiful weather to come next week.

SS worked off the excess sugar.

Very wobbly steps.

I am surprised by P squeezing his long frame into small crevices just for SS's enjoyment. Me? Not a chance, the last thing I need is for the fire department to use the jaws of life to get me out of a tight spot.

Chasing bubbles.

P's favorite picture of the day.

Two little boys approached us and started chasing bubbles. Our control freak went into alpha mode "NO! NO TOUCHING!" No matter that there were plenty of bubbles for everyone, SS blew a gasket. It was time to head home.

We watched The Am@zing R@ce together (we are huge fans) and cuddled up. We are keeping SS with us tonight, her last day as a two year old. I can't believe that we are feeling this way, but it is sad to kiss the Terrible Twos goodbye.

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