Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Chinese New Year Parade (Part I).

P had talked to a police officer who told him that the parade would reach our area around 7:30 p.m. We are so glad we did not heed his advice, or we would have missed quite a bit. It reached our area around 5:45 p.m. Maybe the officer was thinking about the end. P messed with the nighttime pictures, using our desktop monitor, tweaked with the brightness and contrast, and now we have more pictures than anyone will care to see.

P staked out a nice spot across from the hotel.

SS perusing through one of her many Pe@nuts coloring books (thanks JJ). See the Snoopy bag next to SS? P bought it when I was in the hospital and I had forgotten all about it. When it was time to get SS's entertainment stuff ready I found it in the closet. Check out how nicely it compliments the blanket I made for her.

One can't just sit and watch a CNY parade, one must ward off evil spirits with firecrackers. P is such a good Baba and immediately purchased "snap clappers" for SS to throw at the people below us. Sunshine also bought SS a box of the giant type, and here is SS after dropping one. It landed next to a woman below us, and the sound startled her. She was not amused, but as you can see P got a kick out of it. This one is going to be good for reminiscing during those nights our little vandal will spend in juvenile hall. P also purchased extra snap clappers for SS's and JJ's birthdays.

Let the parade begin...

From the bridge:

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