Monday, March 15, 2010

Look who's three.

SS's big day arrived, she has left the Terrible Twos behind and is moving on to the Terrorist Threes. What? We have done this before, we are not foolish enough to think this is going to get better. We had an easy, breezy day, and did not do much of anything.

P arrived home with packages from Aunt Court & family, and Grandpa. One of the grandmothers presents had already arrived last week. The other one is stuck in Fed Ex limbo. They made a mistake and delivered it no a non existent address. P is tracking the package. We do think that the typo was on Fed Ex's part, because the grandmothers have been sending packages to this address for twenty months without a problem. We are eager to see where the package ended up. SS will open the rest of the Abus' and our gifts next week with JJ.

After gift opening and being serenaded by SS with her new recorder, we willingly and knowingly paid to eat what has to be one of the worse pizzas in the world. Domin0's at least had the decency to review their recipes and attempted to improve. Not Chuck E. Cheese, they make lousy pies and are darn proud of it, no need for revision. That is how they get the adults to spring for their salad bar, a 3 on scale of 10. But we were there for SS to have fun and to be completely over stimulated, because that is what birthdays are all about. SS had a great time pretending to play video games and calmly sat on the car with the rat himself and on a cute firetruck. The big foot ride and another one akin to a one seat Ferris Wheel were a bust, totally scared her. SS had enough tickets for a cute soft toy turtle and a jumping frog.

We came home and SS listened to a message from her Aunt Court and Nana sang Happy Birthday on the answering machine. SS is too young to get the concept of birthdays, but she certainly gets the concept of attention, and she enjoyed both messages. We proceeded to load up SS with sugar, a slice of chocolate cake. She is such a chocolate fan, after every bite saying "Hmmmm, chocolate." We see a chocolate fountain in her future.

SS, you are a big girl now, but to us, you will always be our little girl.

A heartfelt thank you to SS's birth parents for the past 20 months, and for what is about to come.

It's me!

Hands down SS's birthday gift hit, a recorder. She immediately played a tune and she held on tight to it when went out for dinner. P had to pry it from her hand before leaving the van. The funny thing is that recently I contemplated buying a recorder for SS. P's answer was along the lines of "Hell to the no woman, over my dead body." She does have two keyboards, a drum, several tambourines, maracas and an ukulele. What is one more noise maker?

Opening a present from the grandmothers. She received such cute outfits.

SS had 10 slices of pizza to pick the pepperonis out. Their pizza is just awful, but no one is there for the pizza.

Sharing a ride with The Chuckster.

So freaking cute.

Happy dance.

JJ you need to come back and regain your Flamin Finger crown. P hit the jackpot and now his ego is more inflated than ever.

P got 103 tickets out of that game.

Getting in touch with our aggressive side.

Baba making sure that SS's sugar levels are as high as possible.

We did not get a picture of SS blowing her #3 candle, but we did tape it. She loved her chocolate cake. Yum, sugar.


2china4S said...

To my once Baby S,

SS you are a big girl now, three years old. I love you with all my heart and can't wait for your next adventure as a 3-year old. You will always be Mama's baby girl.


Anonymous said...

Dear S.,

Although it's your birthday and you're the one who's supposed to get the gifts, I just wanted to say you're the greatest gift I've ever received. Every day is special (not just birthdays) because of the joy you bring into my life. I love you soo much.



Michelle said...

Happy Birthday sweet S!

I hope you had a fun filled day.

One day we will bring your China sister Sophie to meet you.

P.S. Your daddy's comment made me tear up a little :)

Mighty J said...

Happy birthday, SS.

Year 3 will be an optimal time for your training. No longer content with mere dramatic exclamations, you will soon be versed in all manners of parent-frustrating measures. And Mama and Baba will NEVER KNOW WHO TAUGHT YOU.

Except I just said it right here. Oh dear.

Love you baby sister,