Saturday, March 13, 2010

SS's sugary, sedentary Saturday.

We kicked off SS's last two days as a two year old by deciding to throw away the rules. OK, there are really no set rules here, but we do formulate them, and sometimes even attempt to follow them. For the next three days, we are dropping the pretense. We began our morning by feeding pancakes to SS. I like pancakes but P won't eat them. It's not worth the trouble to cook for one, so I only have them sporadically when we go out for breakfast.

SS in full cook gear, eating yummy buttermilk pancakes with lots of syrup, and atrophying her brain with N*ck Jr. While SS had breakfast, P picked up a copy of D*sney's Up. We really have to start screening or at least Googling stuff before we allow SS to watch. Had she been older, the beginning would have upset her. They did do a good job of dancing around the Ellie dies part, but man, this stuff is for kids. Why not introduce them to the warm, fuzzy Bibble creepy stories while you are at it (getting off my high horse now). Thankfully, all that went over SS's head. We are not kiddie stuff people, but both P and I enjoyed the movie. Obviously SS loved it, it was mindless TV, the forbidden fruit. P might have enjoyed the movie more than SS, I have not heard him laugh like that in some time. We had a nice time cuddling up together.

The mall hosted local juvenile musicians and we thought SS would like it. Maybe all that sugar and cartoons got to her, she was dead to the world upon arrival. P and I did some shopping and she did not move once. We returned to the live music area, and SS slept through the jazz band performance. It was hot as heck in there, so we decided to move on. That is when SS woke up in a crappy mood, and we stayed for a while.

It was unbearably warm, and we made our exit, and this did not please the littlest dictator. She quickly morphed into the littlest backseat driver. Dude, I was so glad that I was not driving, because she rode P hard. We had to stop at a stop light and SS would not have it. She yelled at P, "Drive Baba, DRIVE." When P did not step on the gas, SS made gestures to show P what she meant, pretending to have her hands on the steering wheel. Man, she would not let up. I'm sure P was wishing he had kept SS rear facing.

We went searching for kiddie CDs without success. The Yo G@bba G@bba CD is only available Online. That did not stop us from allowing SS to gorge on S0nic's cherry limeade. She also got a corn dog, just because.

Then on to the $100 store, because we were low on supplies. Since SS had hardly had any sugar, P thought it would be great to let her have a churro. After SS ate most of it we both had a lucid moment and wondered if we had over done it. Of course we did, we just went all nilly willy because the fact that our last baby is about to be three is royally messing with our minds. We knew she would not sleep and we planned to take turns staying awake with SS (we, yeah, right). Our rightful punishment for such a sugary, sedentary Saturday. But SS went down shortly after 8:00 p.m. Wow, party time, let's rent a movie, let's sit down and talk, let's have some alone time. Nah, P was out by 7:00 p.m. He has been working crazy hours, and he was exhausted. I was relieved that SS went to sleep, hoping it would last all night. We'll see.

Mine, all mine.

SS in sugar coma heaven.

Yesterday I used my crockpot for the second day in a row (a first), and we now have 3 pounds of machaca beef. It's just shredded beef that can be used for almost anything, but we use it for burritos, chimichangas, and over rice. When I get some time this weekend, I will use the uncooked tortillas to make chimichangas and freeze them. Don't worry, this cooking thing won't last long.

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