Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Paddy's Day.

SS is only 25% Irish, but that did not stop her from celebrating her Baba's day full throttle, giving it 100%. Obviously the child has no idea what these various ethnic Holidays mean, and how they even relate to her. But we have always made an effort of incorporating each other's cultures into our family. One of these days we'll have to ask JJ how bad it was growing up like that.

We met P for lunch, did some shopping and came home for a much needed nap for SS, who was up at the crack of dawn. Her birthday night was very restless and last night as well. P scared the you know what out of me by coming home just as I was having quiet time with SS in her room. His lab instrument was not working and he took time off to hang out with us. SS was wired after being surprised with extra time with her Baba and it took me almost an hour to get her to nap. At least I was able to get her down for two hours, she does need her beauty and good mood sleep.

We made our annual corned beef, potatoes and cabbage and this place is going to stink for days. But I can take the stench once a year, and the leftover corned beef is yummy for sandwiches. P gleefully got out his king size mug, a very tasteful gift, and we had green beer.

I was able to talk SS into taking her picture, but they were done in less than five minutes and it shows. The girl has the attention span of a gnat and less patience than her Mama. I still think she looks darn adorable, but I am biased.

Our little leprechaun:

The outfit is a size 18 months and finally the Capri pants fit as they should.

The big leprechaun:
The mug was a gift from JJ. The shirt has not seen that many St. Paddy's days, but it has been worn a lot, and not only for drinking.

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